Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maggot King

Neill...Neill...Neill. Dude, where's my trailer. Where's my gawddamned Elysium trailer. I wants it!

I saw the Pacific Rim trailer, and it looks fucking fantastic! I bet a lot of good looking people made that film, or at least did the art for it. Like golden gods, using their talents to produce art for the masses (that means they used their wang doodles to paint with). My one issue is all these extremely intelligent Youtube kids saying things like 'Why robots? Why not giant missles?'.

Anyway, quick sketch. It's the Maggot King. Sounds very fantasy right? All that fantasy crap is the same, not that I'm anti fantasy. I worked on a fantasy game for over 8 years. Loved it. But everything is named shit like this. The Lich King. Lord of Night. He who Seeks. Legolas. Tommy Two Poops. Fuck it. they all want to be Lord of the Rings. All of them. Not awful, but dammit, LotR was new when it came out (shut up Tolkien purist and your based on Norse Myths horseshit)!

I once mentioned having our games dwarves (since, you know, we HAD to have them) live in trees and be almost like burly primates. Like Tarzan gorilla's, but smarter. Frazetta the shit out of them. You might have though I had asked to stab an old lady the way people in that meeting responded. "Dwarves don't live in trees! They mine...IN THE GROUND!"

It's like people love to make rules for shit that needs no rules. It's called FANTASY for a reason.

So if mankind makes giant robots to battle giant monsters, fuck all I don't care if a giant missle makes more sense, the robot's going to be way fucking more fun! God bless GDT!

Now give me my Elysium trailer.

OH FUCK! Premiere the Elysium trailer on this blog! That will surprise the shit out of everyone!!!



  1. I am also quite ready for an Elysium trailer and can think of no better medium than this blog.

    Also, tree dwarves rox, don't let the haters get you down, Doug!

  2. Keith fucking Thomspson drawing robots and aliens for Pacific Rim. Dammit for my fanboyism for that guy D:

  3. Keith Thompson is amazing, but they also had Wayne Barlowe, Guy Davis, TyRuben Ellingson, Oscar Chichoni, Allen Williams...and others, I'm not sure they mentioned yet. All amazing.

    Plus GDT is no slouch in designing and sketching. Amazing crew. Going to be an amazing film.

  4. Hum, hadn't heard about Wayne Barlowe. Ugh, it just piles up my guilty wish to see that film. Besides GLaDOS and stuff D:

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