Monday, July 22, 2013

A Neill related post on my Neill blog!

What, the what? Neill...did I read that you have an eighteen page treatment for District 10? THAT'S AWESOME! I mean, granted, it's not as long as my hundred and ten page fanfic where Wikus, CJ and I have to repopulate their race (they all died of space disease, which is common in space), but it's a good start. Although, my story is mainly just a long very detailed scene. There's not really a story.

I read about it here: WIRED ARTICLE It sounds like you have tons of shit going on! I had to draw a quick version of what I imagine D-10 would be. I should make it shittier, with more flags (like in refugee camps, so you can tell your tent). My wife didn't like this pic, said I should do better. She's right, but fuck it, I need to post!

I can't wait for Elysium. I barely notice Copley's height at all. You must be using some crazy foreshortening. Really impressive, probably my most favorite special effect in the trailer.

Dude, for reals. Look at this shit. This is why I love you, with both my heart and my hard-on.

Look at those colors. The red, and yellow, and background blues. Muthafugga' it soooooo good.

I want this film NOW!

Yours truly,

Douglas D Blomkamp

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