Monday, August 26, 2013


Dude...I know. I blab on this blog for fucking years, you finally release a movie, and I'm silent. What da' fuq. I wouldn't want to be my best friend either right now., I feel so darned bad about it. It's been crazy busy though.

I know, that's my go to default, but this shit was like real, real busy. Like my soul has been turned into a crispy husk of what it was. This shit has been moving fast, and very little signs of slowing. I'm a run down mother fucker.

So anyway, did I see Elysium? Yeah, I fucking saw it. Did I like it? No, I FAWKING LOVED IT! Anyone reading this blog; go fucking see this film. It's awesome. the designs are top notch and the world building is amazing. Which is good for someone with a burnt out husk of a creative soul, because it gets you thinking. About the world, the characters, other potential stories; a lot of shit came flooding through my brain. To bad I'm too busy to make any use of it at the moment. I did bang out a Seattle in 2154.

It's pretty much Seattle, but with more transplants. I imagine bumper stickers on cars in 2154 Seattle would say shit like "It might not be Elysium, but at least I'm in Seattle" or "Where'd the rain go?" or "Vote light rail 2122!", shit like that.

Sorry this is another fuck all of a post. I swear I have something big I want to cook up on here. I really hope to do it soon. Oh, dude! The art book! I loooove this artbook. I found these pics on the internet:

Dude, shit is pretty cool. Like something I might do, but slightly different. Like someone added to it to make them better. Yeah dude, it's a great fucking artbook.

Anyway, fanfuckingtastic on the flick. I absolutely loved it, I'll go into more detail in another post. I recommend anyone seeing this film to see it more than once, I actually liked it more in the following viewings than I did the first. And I loved the first viewing. Saw it in Riverport, which is in the middle of fucking nowhere. I love the artbook as well.


Hey, have you ever heard of five pin bowling?



  1. Of course he does, dude. He was *there* on the night of Aug. 8, when he hosted the entire crew to an evening of beer, bowling and chicken wings. That was after the Riverport Cast & Crew Screening, of course, with an open concession stand. It was, in your words, fanfuckingtastic. Flew staright back from the LA premiere to hang out with his crew. Thanks, dude: big up, Neill!

  2. Man, see that's awesome.

    I'm sad Neill wasn't rocking it in LA with hookers and blow the day after the premiere, but that just goes to show you how classy that dude is.

    Wait, did you say he was in Riverport on August 8th? Holy shit, that's when I was there! We even when to this brewery bowling place after the movie. It's crazy up in Canada, they serve free alcohol and food and let you bowl at no cost. Very friendly people.

    Man, I wonder if he was around then. I hate to think I missed seeing him.

    I like you Anonymous; if that is your real name; you seem to have your head on straight. We should meet up and hang sometime, have a few drinks and talk Elysium.