Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Dude...Neill...I know. I know. It's been fucking nuts lately. NUTS! Lots of cool shit though. I have not had much time for freetime art, or at least things I can show...yet. Then I though, shit, I have tons of stuff from that game I work on called STATE of DECAY. You know what, it did well. rated by IGN to be the 21st most influential..or most something, X-Box 360 game ever. So I had shit from that I'm going to post. It's a good fucking game, and might even have some hidden Blomkamp graffitti in there.

So the above was the album art (yeah, you can buy that shit on iTunes! It's a really good soundtrack) that got passed on. I was trying to make it look like an old record cover. Like an old spaghetti western album cover. Harrison records was a nod to John Harrison who did music for Day of the Dead. We sneak a lot of reference into our game. We're like hardcore fans that made a love letter to a genre we all love.

I needed some good girl art to stick in garages. This was one that never made it in. I wanted it to look like it was torn out of an old Weird tales magazine. And it was October, so hence the spooky image. I love Creature From the Black Lagoon, so I went for that vibe. Why old magazine? because i was the art director and came up with the nutty term, "Fade Americana." As an art director, you get to do crazy shit like that. I wouldn't say the power went to my head, but I do have a living human ottoman now. Carl, stop fidgeting.

So we had a closed theater in the game, and needed some poster. I'm most proud of Musk, it's sort of a satire on the whole Twilight thing. lathe was a rip of of Saw, and frost Giant Stripper is just a film I want to see. Clowning Around was my way to joke about what all these posters were. Get it? Clowning around? because I was clowning around? I'm funny.

Well, I'll do more of these. I have some art saved up. Signage and shit. these just seemed the most Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone!

Douglaskelington Williams.

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