Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm back, back again...

Dude, Neill. How is shit? I's so fucking lame. So lame. I need to be posting more shit on here. I'm so fucking excited for Chappie. I see the shit Yolandi and Ninja post on Facebook, and I can't fucking wait. The part that blows me away is Sigourney Weaver. You got fucking Ripley. RIPLEY!

I was teased relentlessly in middle school when I listed her as my favorite movie hero. Everyone else was all about Arnold. Me? A tough call between Peter Weller and Sigourney Weaver, but she won out. Dude, is she as gorgeous in person? I swear she gets hotter with age. Can you clip me some hair of hers? Just a few strands, or a handful. Just enough to make a luxurious soul patch. Dude, I would fucking rule the world with a Sigourney Weaver soul patch. It could double as a merkin.

Anyway. GAME ART! Yeah, State of Decay is doing well still. We did something right, people are digging this shit. So here's some more art from inside the game. Deep in the game bowels. Bowels is a gross word. Say it slow; it makes you wanna' poop.

The above image didn't make it in for space reasons. It was going to go into the gun shops. Plus I got to draw a lady. A classy lady.

These were billboards. I love old ads. Our game was supposed to have this tired faded vibe. Beer and hotdogs are pretty fucking America too.

These were posters and a free handbook for the autoshop. Big Daddy; named after the dude in the Romero film. We have tons of that shit. I don't know why I didn't draw the guy to look more like the names reference.

Blaine's Grocery is the Safeway of our game world. maybe not Safeway, that's pretty big. More like a Petosa's Grocer. these were ads throughout the store. I fucking love doing this shit. I LOVE IT!

Well that's it. Iexpect Ms. Weaver's hair in the mail within the week.


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