Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This post is sketchy....

Sup! So dude, I figured some shit out. I have tons of unfinished sketchy bullshoot work. Why not post that stuff? AmIright? Fuck yeah! SO expect some of that in the next few days.

So my first found sketchy piece; thumbnails for actual Neill Blomkamp fan art. Like of you. Like your likeness. Is that creepy? It feels a little creepy. Like a blog is one thing, but drawing the dude the blog is for, seems like a step too far. I plan on inking this shit with my blood. Actually...maybe not. That would be too far.

I still want to do it, not the blood shit, but the art. I'm suddenly thinking of a Neill Blomkamp series of pieces. Because I have no time for a big series, but you have like two full fledged movies out right now. Fuck, I can do that! A piece with you, a piece for District 9 and one for Elysium? Truck yeah!

I'm going to do them traditionally, at least in the beginning. Then scan them in and color them in Photoshop. Dude, this shit will be rad. You can hang em' in your bathroom!

Shit will be rad!

Douglas Artypants


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  2. Cool beans as always, Doug. I especially like the middle right one. Kinda old school sci-fi feel to its composition. Keep it up!