Friday, October 23, 2009

Cargo transport.

Neill! Busy, but good, art day. I guess working on UI elements gets the creative juices flowing...probably out of fear of becoming a UI artist for good (UI is actually fun at times, especially when it clicks, but I wouldn't want to do it forever).

Big and clunky. Expanded on the sketch below. The idea is that it uses a mix of scaffolding and electromagnetism to hold (pull) cargo containers. The more you pay the more secure your cargo. The cheaper you are the less likely to get your cargo, never no if one might hit a stray piece of space junk, or fall out of the mag field.

I always loved that one transport ship in Empire. It was so cool, so loose, like it didn't need anything to hold it together. That ship has influenced about all my big spaceships since. Because in space, why make something all aerodynamic and closed? No need right? Damn straight!

Again congrats on the green light!

Your little cornbread muffin;


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