Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moleskin Fun

Sup' Cuz? You know, I have family with the last name Neil. I think I mentioned that before. Just saying, shirt tail cousins and all that. Not sure why you haven't responded, you know, since we're practically family. No worries, probably just busy getting busy.

So, laid back weekend, went home to visit the rents in good old P.A. (Port Angeles, yeah the one in that tween book Twilight). So I didn't bring my laptop and didn't get any Neill work done. Went briefly to the zoo on the way over, drew some animals, and the rest was just goofing around in my free time. I love sketchbooking Neill. I really, really do. There's no hang ups, no expectations. Just let your effing lines lay where they may.

There is one D-9 page in here though, for a painting I'm planning.

Hey if you're ever in Victoria you should hop on the Coho and head over to P.A. My parents would totally put you up. Me Mom makes a mean Tuna Nuda' Casserole.

Hope all is well,


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