Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poppin' in.

Sup Neill; told you I'd be back from time to time.

Here's a goofy pencil sketch I colored at lunch. It's quick all around, the sketch was fast, and the color job almost as fast. Dude is pretty top heavy. Especially for those skinny legs.

Hey guess what, I just finished The Mysterious Cities of Gold. It's still as good as I remembered. In some respects even better than I remembered. Is 'remembered' a word? Should I just have said 'remember' instead? Nevermind, doesn't matter.

Oh, and that melodramatic moment in the write up post below-delete. I don't like it anymore. I like the idea of the scene and holding the pups close, but the whole 'burrow in' bit is dumb. Part of the reason I liked your flick is because it wasn't filled with shit like that.

Man I love October, the colors are amazing! Have a great day!


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