Thursday, December 17, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain...

Neill baby, how's it going. Do you like the new header? Grabbed a font from Blambot (awesome free fonts). Great place.

So here's a piece that got into Spectrum 16. That makes me happy because a lot of people made fun of it. Gave me a pretty hard time...for a year.

It's an enchanted scarecrow. It wanders farmers fields keeping pests away. Everyone laughed at it's size. "Jesus; how big are the crows?" "You need a bigger scarecrow to scare the scarecrows." Blah, blah, blah. Neill have you seen the Guild Wars world? I'd say this scarecrow is about the bare minimum you would need. I mean check this shit out, there's 'effing dragons!

It was canned, almost immediately. So, I entered in Spectrum, because I still liked it. BOOM! It got in. I win, they eat crow; scarecrow.

Your dancing monkey;



  1. This is fantastic. Late to the party, I know, but catching up :)

  2. Just found your site, and this was, to me, the most striking image on your site.

    Upon looking at it, I didn't see a scarecrow, but a giant colossus that has walked this alien planet endlessly in the same straight line for decades, even centuries, circling the globe.

    Across the world, the inhabitants have left its path open. The fence here is a divider in some agricultural area.

    Some worship it, others fear it. What does it do? Why is it here? Does it even serve a purpose?

    What happens if it changes course? Shuts down?

    Maybe it is, in a way, a scarecrow. Maybe it isn't birds it's keeping away - but something else. Something alien.

    Something terrible.