Friday, December 11, 2009

Really Neill? Really?

So here I am thinking that you're just to busy with your new movie to contact me. Little did I know, you're hanging with your new buddies at private screenings. That's right Neill, I know your secret. Chiggity check it:

@slashfilm I'm not allowed to say anythng about what I thought of Avatar, but saw it in a screening room with neill blomkamp, who didn't sign an NDA. He loved it... I will say this, it's hard to disagree with Neil :)

For the record, your new pal can't even get your name right.

I thought maybe we could see this together. I was even going to buy the popcorn. You're on your own if you want a drink though. Now, well I guess I'll have to go with my Wife, or Dad, or Dan, or...well, there's lots of people I can see it with. Not the point.

To be honest, I don't blame you. Shit, I really want to see Avatar too. I've wanted to see it since 2003 when Cameron first started talking about getting people back in the theaters.

I knew somebody who was concepting for the Alita idea; Cameron had the two ideas in early pre-production for a while. The artist IM'd me when they decided to go with Avatar. Being an Alita fan, I was a little bummed. Then I sort of (complicated) worked with another guy who had done some work on the creature design with Neville Page. Two guys from our studio came back telling us his stories about working on Avatar. Pretty good stories.

I'm glad the flick is getting good buzz. I'm a bit of a Cameron fanboy. YES, EVEN TITANIC.

So you liked it?

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