Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wood Elf

Neill Blomkampenstein, what's the charge? Get it? Yeah, pretty lame Frankenstein reference. Oh wells, they cant'st all be wieners.

So man, what's up with elves? I remember those guys being pretty scary as a kid. Well, at least some of them. The Wood Elves from the old Hobbit cartoon were creepy little fuq's. Granted, they had the glowing crown variety too, but now elves seem to be solely angelic, clean, pointy eared caucasians, with great aim. I want some creepy elves. The kind that might help you out, or might eat your liver and wear your pancreas as a hat. You never really know.

So that brings me to da' art. Creepy elf thing. It's fantasy, quick and easy really. It's lunch art, so no too much time to put into it. I've worked on a fantasy game for around six or seven years now. Fantasy seems to come pretty easy...sigh.

Damn, I want to draw robots shooting lasers.

Your long lost biological Father;

Doug Williams

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  1. Man, I don't know how you have time to do all this work!
    awesome stuff... its my first time seeing this blog great idea :) lol

    look at me Ridley Scott !