Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stabby stabby

Neill! Well fuck. So my ultimate dream was me and you working on shit, before you're really working on shit. Like you'd call and be all, "Hey I gots this idea about monkey men from mars..." and the I'd be all, "Shit dude, I love me some martian monkeys. Let me draw some up." Then you'd take the images and pitch to studios. It would be perfect, because I love the Northwest, and don't really ever want to move south. But I also really want to work on films. So you being up in Vancouver is perfect. Not only because your aquarium has beluga whales, but that shit is a few hours away! So me and you drinking Mai Thais and designing shit on napkins to be rendered at my home; that was the dream. But, fuck it all, that ain't ever happening. Is it?

See, I received my copy of The Art of District 9, and in it is not only art from all the talented Weta kids, but plenty of NB sketches and and Lightwave renders (Lightwave, really? Maybe it's changed; I have not touched it since 98.). So basically this whole blog is....useless.

So let's get this straight; you write, direct, concept and make 3-d versions of your sketches that are film quality. Rad.

Sucks for me, but you are fucking ridiculously talented. Seriously.

Goodnight everybody!



  1. I guess I have to check that book out, then.

  2. Mordicai, it's a really good book. Even if you're not a District 9 fan, it's well laid out, tons of info, and has amazing art. It's amazing watching the film form through concepts and sculpture. Highly recommend.

  3. Doug, you can paint so why not paint in 3D? Get stuck into z-brush or mudbox or something. You can totally do it because you are also ridiculously talented. Seriously! :)

  4. dwl, who are you, because you're getting a big sloppy wet one on the lips. Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. I actually plan on messing with ZBrush, and Sculptris and finding time to finally dig into Sketch Up. Of course I'm also planning a big two year project as well....

    Thanks again!

  5. Random fan, I found your art via Guild Wars. I saw some of Neils early work (before D9) and have had an interest since then. I surmised that only good things could come from a collaboration of those two worlds :)

  6. You have no idea who I am, but I concur with DWL - if you're not applying your hard-bodied 2D skills to concept in 3D with the likes of Zbrush/Sculptris/Mudbox I'm/you're missing out.

    But I realize this is simply greediness on my part in wanting to see your aesthetic brought to the Third D.