Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Neill dog, 'sup homefries? Hopefully things are going well man. My guess is that you're busy as shit, which is why you didn't come to Portland with me. I swear I'm not some obsessed freakboy fan. I would only ask you to put lotion on its skin like once a day, and the pit is cozy. There's a couch.

So here's another work piece, I promise new home shit soon, but I'm wrapping up a mega long project, and finally making meaningful headway on it. No, I can't tell you what it is. All I can say is....I'm the new director of The Hobbit, and Bilbo will be played by Sean Penn. Actually, that's not true. I will have some work on TV though!

I'm going to have some zombie work featured in The Truth About Zombies on the National Geographic channel. Some personal work from this blog actually, and some from Undead Labs. Anyways, things are pretty fucking cool right now. Lots in the pipe.

See you in Hollywoodland.

Doug "the arms are supposed to be long" Williams

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  1. peeler? I like the sound of that... I picture faces being severed from the skull like a peel of an orange. :) yes...