Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time Warp new worky work. I KNOW! I swear shit is coming, I've just been so busy. Soon I swear. I know that this blog is your main inspiration, and it makes you sad that I'm not posting as much, but I still love you. I swear. Sure, Del Toro and I had a little fling, but it meant nothing (Guillermo, it's not true, but shhhhhhh).

So I thought, let's go back....back in time!

This shit is from around 2004. I was just beginning to make digital art. Everything up until now was primarily pencil, marker and pen. Let's take a looksee...

What's Evangelion? I have no idea what you're talking about. This was when I first began lunch drawing. It's also when I packed on a lot of weight. I see no correlation.

Rar! I'm a monster! Basically at this stage I was still still drawing...but in Painter (8 I think). More lunchy work, I think I sat at my desk and at a Red Robin burger. Oh, yeah, A.Net would pick us up fast food for lunch. Hand deliver Fatburgers (It's a chain) to our desks. Lost a notch on my belt that year.

I love Hellboy. I've been reading it since I was in art school. What's crazy is how much grief the guy at the comic shop gave me for liking it. Well, now his shop is gone and Hellboy has 2 films. Way to call that one asshole. Wow, brilliant use of font on this one. Maybe I should go into graphic design. Why not use courier? I might as well have used comic sans. Or papyrus (Really, Avatar? Really?).

Wha...? Where'd the lines go. Ah, now I'm trying to paint...and apparently using a roll of lifesavers for a color palette. Jesus; this deserves to be on the side of a kickass Chevy van.

GAH!!! SHIELDS! SHIIIIIIIEEEEELLLLLLDS! (That was Sulu from XI). Good grief. Can that get more saturated? Sorry for all the monitors I burned out with this one. I still like the idea of the state trying to raise a new god with their own ideals (Since that's what basically ends up happening. Guess what, eating pork is also an 'abomination' in the Bible. So have fun eating your bacon in hell.). What? Too political? Meh.

The Inhumanoids! Kickass 80's toys with the old Dougbot update. Still way to bright, but sort of fits the originals. Those toys were so effing cool. The big difference between me as a kid buyinh Inhumanoids and now? My most recent toy cost me 600 bucks. Nerd horns!

Know what this dude is saying? "BACON PLEASE!"

Guess why I drew this 'abomination'? Oh, a little flick called Tetra Vaal. I watched it and suddenly wanted to draw sci-fi. Apparently bad sci-fi. Why would that need a human face? What was I thinking? No, really, I don't remember. Usually my art always has a story behind it in my head. A little movie. This movie must have been straight to brain video.

The Prospector. So this was a contest, and I had "Space Miner". My good buddies Kekai Kotaki and Billy Wardlaw pitched me a ton of shit for my lame sketch of a robot thing with a pick-axe like arm. So I changed the image and made this, just to spite them. Yep, I will make art out of spite. Oh, and I won the frakkin' contest.

My first piece of card art. ARE YOU LOOKING GUILLERMO?!? Ahem. It was for a Cthulhu game. also doesn't have an intense use of the glow brush....I must have been learning.

This is my most favorite monster ever. The theme was 'Japan's Worst Monster'. I came up with, THE DINGLEBERRY. It's supposed to look like an old Kaiju puppet. Now the glow brush is regulated to just the eyes. Wow...finally, after 24 blind people, I stopped using the glow brush on everything. I emerge from the wilderness, a man.

Well, that's it. A little trip down memory lane.

Doug McFly


  1. Whoa, if you keep making posts like this, we're gonna get spoiled here.

  2. you know, before I read the descriptions on the first photo, the EVA-02 unit instantly came to mind. I don't know if you take requests or not, but if you some how get the freetime, I'd love to see you sketch a fullscale picture of the EVA-02.

    you should definitely come up with some more mechas, you have some really interesting designs, man.

  3. @Tetra Vaal It's totally a EVA rip off. I was just joking. It would be fun to tackle EVA 02 if I did it my own way. With such limited time lately, I really need to make some of my own things though (35....clock's ticking). I won't rule it out, maybe if I have the time I'll give it a go. Tetra Vaal is so awesome.