Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hyper Drive Pilot

Sup' Neillipino. Uh...that one is hurting. Anyway, so I did a quick doodle that has nothing to do with anything. I needed a little break. Turned the brain off and doodled.

I figure this guy is a hyper drive pilot.

They would be join up with a company, go through a series of grueling tests, and if selected trade most of their human body to become a hyper drive transport pilot. Because of the inertia and all that shit, their bodies would be more machine that human, fused with the ship. Their families back home would live well, but they'd never see them again. Hundreds of years would pass between shipments. Pirates and other corporations would try to board their transports and steal their cargo, or even just attempt to destroy them. They would do a dance that could last months. When they finally would arrive at a colony, that colony could be gone. Wiped out by plague, beasts, each other. Then the long slog home would have to occur. That is when the fears would begin to take hold. Wondering if earth remained, or if you were now as foreign to the inhabitants of that old solar system as...WHAT the fuck am I going on about?

Jesus, I just drew a space guy. He has glowing eyes for fucks sake.


1 comment:

  1. Glowing eyes heightens the drama D:
    Awesome picture, as always.