Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey Neill, did you make your own Aliens for Alive in Joburg, or did you hire someone? I think I'll end up making my own shit, but only because I have no money. I never have money. Ever.

So making my own short on no money is kind of like...what every guy who ever made a short probably went through.

I'm diggin this one though, I feel like it's doable, and pretty cool. Fairly basic. I'm going to carve shit out of foam. There's not a lot of effects work, but just enough to make it more than your typical Youtube video. I actually have it written out already, now I just need to find the time to storyboard it.

Anyway, so here's a concept from it.

More to come.

Douglucas Williamsberg


  1. Oh man you have bug people in your movie? I am 100% down with bug people because heck yeah bug people!