Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One of these things is not the other....

Neill, people actually read this blog. Holy shit, I thought they were all getting re-directed here looking for Prometheus shit. But there are a few.

So I recently posted some bug shit, and people are wondering how that blends with the Native American shit from before. It doesn't. Two separate projects. the problem with Bukwas was it's a lot bigger than I though it was.

Metameth is more doable. I think it will be a good start. If anyone really wants to read the mini script, just post in the comments section. Maybe I'll do it if there's enough interest.

So, two short films, not one.

So these shots are locations, well, possible locations.

I think this will be pretty effing cool.



  1. Looks pretty 'City-17'-ish. Let's see where this goes.

    1. I love City 17. This is just Seattle though. Both shots undoctored, where I spend my days. I'm a hobo.

  2. I'll read the eff out of your script, Doug!

  3. I do believe this man asked you for that sandwich about a year ago now, Doug.

    1. :O....It was yooouuuuuuu.....Ha ha ha.

      Well played Smeagol92055, well played.

    2. You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket.

  4. I think the setting and the creature sucks.

    District 9 aliens could use weapons. If anything go watch Starship troopers a few times. You get the same level of excitement from your concepts'

    I think you should do better. Invent something completely new.

    Or better yet. Stick to the zombie production you are already currently working on. To me. That game seems like it has, alot of potential. Im a big fan of "left for dead." And, the show "The Walking dead."

    Creating a video game universe of that' Sounds brilliant.