Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Neill, dude, I love tentacled monsters. I totally do. Not the kind from those Japanese cartoons, the ones always attacking school girls, but full on Lovecraftian beasties.

 No wonder that this guy was the one action figure I always wished they made. 

Fuck dude, The Last Starfighter is the shit. Ron Cobb designs, a ship that actually moves in space like it should, and 3-D motherfucking graphics. 3-D! That blew my mind when I saw it in the theater.

Anyways, tentacled aliens. We finally have the tech to make them amazing and what do we make intead? Predator jaws. Over...and over...and over...

Anyway, fuck. I really wish Guillermo del Toro had been able to make his Mountains film. I have a feeling that would have been the longest drink of water after a drought ever.

Oh one more thing....

This guy was one of my favorite action figures ever. Look at his name. Squid Head. Not over thought, very descriptive, squid head. You know what these guys are called now? Quarren. What the fuck? We over think shit too much now. Why does Squid Head have to have a fucking Wikipedia page? I guarantee you, when Nilos Rodis Jamero drew this guy, he fucking put a squid on a robed body. He was probably pressed for time and had drawn 92 other aliens that week and was all ,"Fuck it, I'll put a goddamned buck toothed squid on this guy." and was done with it.

The Star Wars wiki says this about this guy:

The character Davy Jones as in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest strongly resembles a Quarren, the most notable feature being the tentacles near the face. 

The Quarren also visually resemble the horror creature Cthulhu, created by the author H. P. Lovecraft. know why? Because they have fucking squids for heads. SQUUUUIIIIIDDDDDSSSS. was an odd tangent.

Rockin' action figure.


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  1. I use a bunch of Quarren minis for mindflayers in my DnD game. Squidheads, plus laser guns.