Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Piggy Ideas

Quick sketch of possible pig-like heads. Just dicking around.

So Neill, I think I offended your boy.

Sharlto and I were trucking along on the movie, and then I accidentally mentioned maybe having Kevin James in there for comic relief. Not the funny version of Kevin James, the Mall Cop version. Then, poof. He disappears. I suppose we played out the flick. It already has everything....literally.

Maybe he realized the massive under taking the film was going to be, and got cold feet. I don't blame him, the scale of this feature; wow. I think we would have paid for it up front, tons of product placement, but still; it would have been daunting to move forward.

At any rate, I should not have mentioned Kevin James. You know how Sharlto is, he's got a bit of a temper, and hates to share the marquee. It was foolish of me. Kicking myself in the arse. And so, just like that, Sharlto Copley disappeared like the man sized pixie he is. Back to Neverland...or South Africa, or wherever he comes from. Land of the giants? For me; our time together is a memory, one I will treasure forever.

Douglo Williamsopley.

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