Friday, February 25, 2011

Balls on head

Neill, wouldn't it suck to have your balls on your head? Just imagine. Hitting your head on the door; crumple to ground. Basketball lands on your head; crumple to ground. Thinking; crumple to ground. Rubbing your stomach and patting your head; crump...actually, that wouldn't be so bad. Wind would probably rock, unless it was cold; then your brain would get smooshed.

Deep thoughts inspired by this alien sketch, that looks like he's got a tight scrotum for a head.

Doug "feelin' the breeze" Williams


  1. I would always wear a helmet! But what would happen if you got a head ache?

  2. Dude, I suppose you'd just have to rub it out. At least until the pain was flushed away.

  3. Oh man "flushed away". With nuts like that, blowing a load must be like a fire hose! And I'm hoping it isn't through the mouth.