Thursday, February 24, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Dude, how goes it Neill? Hopefully good. You know what's funny? I used to be anti-digital art. I guess not anti, but I definitely thought it could never compete with traditional. I always thought it would be stiff and DOA. Of course this is way back in the late 90's. I think you were like 5 then or something. Anywho, so all my concepts were either pen, pencil, or marker. Like all of them. Then one day it all changed. One man made me grab my Wacom tablet and cry to the sky "ME TOO!" Who was this amazing man?

Craig Mullins

Good gravy the man is good. Since then I've seen tons of artist who wrangle more life out of their digital pieces than any of those old dead masters. Ok, so that was sort of dickish, but they are on par with those old dead guys.

So that leads to the above piece. I love testing and making new brushes. I love when flipping and twisting said brushes take the shape of a skull. I love turning what was basically a digital rag into a finished piece, or semi-finished piece.

I was heavily influenced by Nausicaa as a child. It was called Warriors of the Wind over here. I still love quiet scenes of characters walking around giant dead things. My fav scene from Star Wars as a kid was C-3PO walking past that huge skeleton in the desert. Ok, that's a lie; it's totally the last battle, or the cantina. Hammerhead is the shit.

You know if Lucas had gone for a Dinner with Andre film, and had Admiral Ackbar and Hammerhead talking to each other at a table while doing shots; I would have been happier with the prequels.

Well dude, hope shit with you is good, I honestly mean that.


WAIT! One more thing; there's a reason why Han should shoot first. He's a scoundrel. He's in it for the money, and that's it. So when he shows up at the fucking Death Star and saves Luke's shit, it's Gawddamned great. You cheer! Why? Because his character shows growth. It's on the same level of Luke's hero's journey, and it is all born out of the scene where he shoots FUCKING FIRST; THUS MAKING HIS APPEARANCE AT THE DEATH STAR MEANINGFUL!!


Ahem. Food for thought.

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