Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sup Neill-dog? Hope things are going well on the flick, it sure sounds like they are.

Sorry for the lack of new shit on here. between the new gig and my super secret freelance, there isn't much time. Soon though, soon.

So anyway, I was uploading that freelance work onto my site last night (for back up reasons) and had some down time to make some quick art. Now, I get up at five in the morning, so starting a piece at midnight means that I have a half an hour at most to finish a pic. So I started this quick image as sort of a joke piece. Originally it was going to be this mutant guy with a Charlie Chaplin mustache (sort of like the creature in your Wired video), but I kept fucking up the face, so I covered it in that weird mask thing.

Then this story started forming in my head. I was listening to Jack Parow's Ek Wens Jy Was Myne and envisioning these scenes in my head. It opened with this video/ad/commercial of people having fun, hooked up to some machine by green wires attached to their heads. Lots of white, like a happy Wii commercial that ran into a United Colors of Bennington ad. Then when the song changes it cuts to the previously mentioned rich mutant fucker riding in his six wheeled limo. There's his driver paying bribes at checkpoints and poverty surrounding him. In the background massive ships are rising and lowering at some distant shipyard.

the camera follows the mutant guy as he walks into this massive factory. Inside are men, women and children working frantically building the happy head hookup machine from the earlier mentioned ad. So you can piece together that this guy runs the factory that is contracted out to build the machine that was in the ad. Basically like how those factories in China build Wii's, computers and Apple products at low costs and shitty working conditions, but sci-fi'd out to make them even shittier.

From there. I wasn't sure where the story would go. One idea had 'Chappie' the mutant boss trying to perpetuate a war, so he could continue getting cheap materials to make the green wired happy fun machine at a low cost. Got to keep cost low; right? Sort of pulling from the current situation in the Congo. Of course, Chappie isn't all bad. You'd see him rise from test tube and meat slaughter house (he was bread to be the meat for a McRib like sandwich), striving to be more than he was meant for, and rising to the top. Becoming a factory owner and shrewd business man.

Ultimately, his quest for lower profits and quick cash basically turns him into the meat processing plant owner he escaped years before. Uncaring, cold and calculated, justifying his actions with a 'That's business' message. Meanwhile, nobody else cares what happens at the factories, as long as they can jack in and live in a false fantasy land. Somewhere there would probably be a kid, one of the factory workers, who would end up being the center piece of the story or something.

Shit I don't know. I looked at the clock and it was twelve twenty three and my files had uploaded. So off to bed I went.

But then my little girl woke up and was hungry (she had a fever earlier in the evening and had fallen asleep/missed dinner), so we went out into the kitchen and ate yogurt until one thirty. To be honest, we had a great time.

Then I got up at five.


Dougelton Williamson the III


  1. You get less than five hours of sleep a night? D:

  2. Mate, this idea you've got is great. It could just me my babbelas talking, but I'd love to produce this. I dunno; let me know if you're interested.

    I've got a smashing idea for your lead actor.
    Hint: it's me.

  3. @Sharlto I don't know if it would work, no offense, but aren't you supposed to be like ten feet tall or something?

    I kid, I kid.

    Yeah man, I'd totally be interested to have Shartlo Copley produce this; do you know him? ;)

    I could see him in this, I actually have another project I'm starting soon that I totally picture Shart--sorry, you being in. To the extent that I'm imagining the character being you. I'll probably announce it in the next month.

    I'll shoot you an e-mail at the address you used last time.

    @ronnoc- most nights I get more, but lately around five hours is the average. It helps me write this bloggy...makes me off balanced. Actually, it just makes me tired.