Friday, January 20, 2012


Yo, yo, yo! How's it going Neill? One thing I really dig about you is you're passionate about  the at story that you want to tell, because it's yours. Movies like that shine. It's like Pan's Labyrinth, you can tell Guillermo wanted to tell that story. It's like your District 9, and I'm sure it will be the same with Elysium.

So, anyway, I've mentioned that I have tons of ideas. Tons. I'm learning that now everyone does. Sort of a rarity. Well, I finally started writing again. It's been years since I did it with any seriousness. You can tell I'm a great writer because of this blog. Why's all you laughing?

The script I'm writing is called PUMPKIN, and this guy features in it. I had a little bit of time to color this guy while my kids are watching some chipmunk movie. Kids have no taste. None.

I don't want to give anything away, and this guy is featured near the start, so I don't mind showing it. I sort of fucked up the drawing, but, meh. I'm far more anal with writing than I am with art. I recently deleted about twenty pages because I went in the wrong direction. It's tough to do, like removing a testicle. But then you realize, you had to remove that testicle, because you replaced it with something 

Shit, that WOULD be better, tentacles instead of testicles? Holy fuck. You would be a god in bed. I really need to get into mad sciencetry. I think that's a profession.

Hope shit is good
Professor Douglestien