Thursday, January 26, 2012


Neill, I'm sure you feel the same way, but being a genius fanboy is a double edged sword. So in the Prometheus trailer there's a guy in the famous Space Jockey room, and he's human-ish, wearing an alien-ish space suit.

See the chair there? There's some open piece where the SJ's head is supposed to go. 

So...that dude is more than likely the Space Jockey. 

It's a huge human dude. 

Vin Diesel is the Space Jockey.

So maybe there is a time travel element, I mean this is the Lost guy writing, right? Maybe we end up making the aliens, and that will explain the human skull on the original alien.

I'm not sure how I feel about all this. 

The trailer still is awesome. Great design, and it's Ridley, so it will probably be a great film regardless.





  1. Mind Blown! I can't wait for this film!!!

  2. I´m sitting on hot coals too for this flick.

    And still I´m by now not totally convinced by the "new" designs. I mean, the Giger Space Jockey and it´s "growing out of the chair" thing, was always a major part of my ALIEN fascination.

    Hope all will turn out for a good.

  3. doug you didnt know? this is a cross over movie. its the aliens prequel/third part of the chronicals of riddick. thats vin diesel (vd for short) as a necro monger

    1. Gavin SHHHHH! Not so loud, Hollywood might hear you and go with it.