Monday, January 9, 2012

Undead day gig

Neill, you know what sucks. Google's new interface...s. What the shit? Could they make these any harder to read? I had a 'try out the new look?' button, that I foolishly pushed (as I was trying to update the look of the blog, oh hey, now posts are missing, sweet), and now, there seems to be no way back. Seriously, this shit sucks. Maybe it'll grow on me. Maybe once I dig into it it'll make sense. maybe it's a game, and I have the difficulty settings too high.

 Wow, what an awesome mural!

Any way, so here's some work shit. See, at my day job I'm a fancy pants art director. I point and hover around my artists and say, 'Do this, do that, rub my feet, make like an ottoman...' stuffs like that. I wish I could show you some of what we've been working on, oh hey, I can!

  Psst, this isn't even the good stuff!

You know what else is cool with the new posting interface, when you hit enter, it goes to the top of your paragraph...sometimes, instead of starting a new paragraph. Heh, that makes sense. Good work guys! The image posting is seriously nicer though, I will give in to that.

Anyway, chiggity check the vid. I'm in it. I'm the hefty dude.



  1. looks awesome! I wanna plaaaaaay it!

  2. You can't have Matt Damon. He's mine.

    Sharlto, too.