Monday, March 26, 2012

Brain Down

Neill, what the fuck is it? I don't know. Sort of an alien-gazelle-spider-fetal thing. Whatever it is; shhhhhhh. It's sleeping.

It was a quicky, a cool down image. I'm like a fucking long distance runner lately, man! Work, work, work! But I need the occasional slow down-brain off art time. This fucking thing is Doug on autopilot. Cruise control.

Have you seen these trailers for PROMETHEUS? Good night, it looks ridonkulously awesome! There's actually very few movies I'm going crazy for. There's the DARK KNIGHT RISES, which is a great title, because it's also what I yell when I have a boner and am wearing my black thong. Then, of course, PROMETHEUS, fuck I don't care if it's in the ALIEN universe or not; just want to see. PACIFIC RIM, has my nuts in a lump, and it sucks becuse it's as far way off as your flick. Yeah, ELYSIUM. Shit, dude, why is it so far away. I mean, I really want to see it. Really bad.

I also want a jet car. So....those two things.

Anyway, shit man, hope all is good. I need to turn in.


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