Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Spiral

Shit...Neill, it's starting. The fucking spiral. The spiral to nothing getting done.

See, I sort of have a limited time to get this flick started, so really I have to be fucking smart about my decisions from the get go. So, Buggity Bugerson down below started to look really plain to me. Like, the original fly was cooler. So tonight I took almost an hour and made this guy. I like him more. But fuck if this shit isn't going to take three times as long to make.

Did I mention I have kids? Oh, and a day job that's pretty crazy lately? And sometimes I take on freelance? And I'm thirty...I think six.  Wait...thirty Pretty sure it's six. Clock's ticking man, I got one foot in the grave. No, like a real grave. Shit, this dirt's sooooofffft.

Why am I in a graveyard? Oh, right; looking for gold. Metal detectors and graveyards; cha-ching!

I have to pay for this somehow.

Anyway, I'm so impressed that you made those fucking awesome shorts. For me, this is probably short idea number ninety seven or some shit that will never get finished.  Sigh.

I love you. I mean, your movies. Not like you, but shit, your movies.





  1. Doug, you better not be trying to start and argument about The Fly movies because I will never forgive you.

    1. Never! I'm just saying that Vincent Price's fly creature is coolr than the one I designed. That was in the fifties! I had better come up with something cooler than that, or at least as cool.