Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Axe Man Cometh...

Yo Neill! Check it out! My office park is in the news!

We're on lock down. Can't leave the building. There's cops and everything. Even a chopper. The sketch above is who I think it is. I mean, I have no proof, just a guess. I'm also guessing he has debt issues.

Probably some whacked out stalker freak. Probably has a blog, but there's nothing on it but a one sided conversation and wild tangent rants. Know what I mean? Hello? Hellllllooo?

Oh well, I'm going to get some lunch. Fuck the lock down, I'm hungry.

Ha ha, lookit that guy. Nice hockey mask dumbass! You're on the wrong side of the border douche! How about I give you a slapshot to the--OH SHIT!

Doug Ass and Elbows Williams

1 comment:

  1. Doug, have you no pity for that poor bastard, striking a blow against the cruel system? I suggest you watch my movie, "District 9" again and have a good, long think about your elitist views of the downtrodden.