Friday, June 25, 2010

Space Bot WIP

BBBBBBBBRRRRRRMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! BRRRMNNNNN! BBRRRRRRMMMNNN! Hey Neill! Know what that sound was? A vuvuzela! The news is crazy for them. I actually think they sound cool, but I'm guessing to most I'm like a human version of a vuvuzela.

Anywho, quick robots today. Both unfinished. the orange feller was just for fun. He'll also have some wheels on his feet. You go fast. Fuck, I don't know, he/she/it was fun to draw.

The soccer bot was for a goofy personal project. I decided my story-boarding portfolio is way old now. Been awhile since I've needed to do those. So I came up with an ad in my head for Nike. It has all these robots attacking a city, forming up together Destructicon style, and even a death ball sized soccer ball. Of course all these famous soccer (futbol and football for those of you...well...from anywhere else in the world) fight back and kick the shit out of them. Contrived? yes. So that was one of the mini balls.

I'll add more to both later. Goddamn shit is crazy lately. Heading to Great Wolf this weekend, so...see you there? We can go doubles on the tube slide, or you can watch my kids while my wife and I go. Actually, don't come, I need to work out a bit before you see me with my shirt off (oh, that will happen, that will happen). The rest of you there....sorry.

Doug 'Goin' to the Lodge' Williams

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