Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pchow Pchow!

Neill! Sup' homey? Things going well? Sorry I've been away from the blog. Crazy work/family time . School's wrapping up and my baby is going to be a first grader! It's insane. They're really growing. I'm going to put them in tupperware containers to slow it down.

I took on a bunch of projects at once....and now am playing catch up. They are all awesome though, and all learning experiences. What is the opposite for the phrase "When it rains it pours"? You know, when it's positive. When it burns? Shit, I don't know. It's all super great is what I'm trying to say.

Getting back to normal now though. I almost didn't post today; I have a copy of Left 4 Dead I've been meaning to play since Christmas. I was going to do that, but noticed that a few hundred more people were looking at this blog per day than just a few weeks ago. Wha' happened? How'd they find us? So I figured, I could crank something out and post it at lunch...which is over in three minutes.

Basically an old tank in some bombed out future shitty city. I mashed photo's of soviet tanks and a hind on top of each other, and brought out the mech shape from that. Super quick and dirty. That's it. Minutes left...uh....what can I talk!

Hey, how come asparagus can taste so good (grilled with a tad bit of salt) but make your pee smell so bad. I mean SO BAD. I ate a lot of asparagus last night. Now I'm embarrassed to pee in the restroom. IT STINKS!


Have a good one;

Doug peestinker Williams

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