Monday, June 28, 2010

Lunch Floater

Yo Neill, sup dood? Like the header? Do you get it? It sounds like a piece of turd I left in the bowl at lunch. The funny part; THAT'S WHAT IT IS. Friggle facking fuck! Some days, fragnabbit, shit just does not work. Today was one of them.

So here's the fuggtastic fire fighting forestry robot. Pulls trees out of the way after they have been cut down. Some bullshit like that, originally it was the shoulder to a much bigger robot, but that illustration was NOT WORKING. I need a longer lunch...or more time at home. Something.

Luckily, my buddy Trevor shared this with me today. God bless you Trevor, from all of us. God bless you. Direct Link (or clip the pic dingleberries).
Hey, were you at Great Wolf? I missed you there...I know I said not to come, but I thought you would have read through that veiled attempt at sounding aloof. What gives? You missed a kick ass tattoo of a poorly drawn Mazda Miata on some guys belly (No, seriously, that part isn't a joke. It was amazing).

Well, have a good one. Better art coming soon!

Doug "Mandroid" Williams

1 comment:

  1. Holy shitz tx man
    Totally spaced on Mandroid, it's no Battle of the Planets nor does it have the drama of The Vindicator but I like totally forgot how much talent was packed into that flick...Tasha f'n Yar man! And a mandroid! (or is it " the" ManDroid)...think Data actually got sloppy seconds on that one? (too lazy to IMDB that one)
    All that AND and a Ninja...named Koochy (sp?)!
    Shit good times man, good times.

    Oh Yhea and your the ShizNat.

    You and yours can come over and draw with me and the kids anyday.
    We like to tape a bunch of paper together and make these crazy running battles... lots of mechs, copters, hidden mountain fortresses and Germans and shit. Been trying to convince the kids that the whole German thing was like almost 70 years ago... Yhea, arguing logic with a six year old and a 10 year old who does math I couldn't handle in college? Great idea. But it's ok I can still drink them under the table (well, not both at once...but almost in sequence)

    Plus sheeeet... the Russians are now our friends man?...FUUUCK THAT!...they're not ffoling this comrade. I saw Red Dawn TWICE in the theaters. My VHS copy still occupies a place oh honor, right up next to The Beast and my "old" ;-) Tracy Lord..."films"

    Any got some mad skillz man. Tx for the inspiring work and the smiles.
    It's people like you what makes the EasterNet a better place.

    Shit I typed so long my Lucky Charms got soggy!!!
    That there is some true man love.