Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Buk Wus? Buk Was? Bookwas? Bukwas? I'm ready to call the thing Wildman.
Neill! Sup chili-chonga dog? Dude, did you know that's a real thing? A Chili-Chonga Dog? It is, and I ate one. It was horribly good. What is it, well; a chili dog (bun and all) wrapped in a tortilla, fried, and covered in queso sauce. Don't roll you eyes at me! It's true, I have 'effing proof!

See?!? SEE?!? It's full of stars Neill, it's full of stars...or, maybe beans...and meat. At any rate, I ate the whole damned thing. ALL OF IT. I also had a great beer to wash it down (Manny's).

In other news, I think I know why I'm fat.

Any who, here's some sketches from that flick I want to try and shoot. I found lots of great locations over on the Olympic Peninsula where I grew up. I'm planning on a small practical prop for the longhouse entrance, and thinking I might be able to pull it off in my back yard.

It could work. The only thing stopping me from going all out on this thing is time. That and the sci-fi short I'm thinking about, that might actually be easier to shoot. Dan, dammit, it might be. I didn't say it was. Now lets not argue in front of Neill. Dan's gonna' be my cinematographer. He's goooood.

Well Neill, that's about all I gotz. Fuel has a special today that I'm debating to eat, and I need to focus on that.

Tell Copley, sorry for all the teasing. I really was just trying to troll him out of hiding. I'm guessing he's really stressed about preforming his love scene with Matt Damon. I would be too.


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