Thursday, August 11, 2011

Double Whammy

Dude, Neill, you must be busy as shit right now. I bet you get to check out this blog only like twice a day now. I'm guessing keeping Copley and Damon apart must be rough. I bet they're constantly getting into arguments about muscle cars and shit. You should have another credit on the film, babysitter. AmIright?

Well, this doesn't look so bad.

Anyway, first of dude, let me talk about my current geek crush. I'm so in love with Troy Nixey's and Guillermo del Toro's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark right now. I mean, the original sort of fucked me up. Seriously, it's a film that isn't really gory, isn't really scary in a traditional horror film sense; but something about it really haunted me. So luckily GDT has decided to bring back the nightmares!

I know, right? But trust me, they're scary!

But the thing is, now it's well thought out, and even has a back story about the creatures and where they came from. I can't recommend this book enough. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Blackwood's Guide to Dangerous Fairies is awesome. Beautiful illustrations by Nixey, a fun story and a background on some nasty fairy beasties. I really love it and recommend it, even if you don't want to see the film, I think you should pick this book up. It's why I sketched the above fairy pupa. I want to draw it's several forms, the life cycle of a fairy.

It's so fucking good.

I love that Guillermo trusted a first time director with something he wrote. You have to have some balls to do that. Those balls are also why I'm amazingly excited for Pacific Rim, can you imagine what somebody like GDT will do with a Kaiju film? Holy fuck, it's going to be great!

"My dick is this big when it's limp. You should see the balls; enormous!"

Now, on to you, I see you found a way to keep Damon's rage issues in check. I'm guessing that this contraption he's wearing shocks him and locks up when he starts to go berserk. You're a smart man my friend, at some point you'll have to tell me how you got it on him.


Ah ha, I also see you employ blow jobs to keep him relaxed. You have thought of everything. Good show, ol' chap!

Anyways, have a great time filming, I'm sure it'll be stressful, but I have no doubt the end result will be fantastic.



  1. Nice pic doug. Is the book really that good?

    Damon is defo gonna kick your arse now man.

  2. I really liked the book. I like Nixey's art style a lot, and the Blackwood story is a fun quick read. Sort of a sucker for those journal books. Wayne Barlowe's Expedition is the tops for those.

    Damon will have to catch me first. All I need to do is run through a mall and he'll get swarmed by ladies and be unable to follow.