Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Neill, I'm a child of the 90's. Don't get me wrong, I loved the 80's, lots of fond memories, and the decade that contains most of my favorite films. My aesthetic though, totally 90's. You can tell because of the 'Danger: Gasoline' lettering on the above skull..helmet...lawnmower...thing.

What is it? Shit if I know. I had a few minutes and needed to completely unwind. Been a while since I decompressed like I have been lately. Feels nice. I need to get moving though, lots to do. Of course, last night I saw a Facebook post from a friend that completely bummed me out. Nothing about the post, in fact it was a very nice and kind post, but about the other project I was working on. The project I could still be working on, because they offered a longer gig.

I had a tough choice to make, and after talking with my wife decided on the more long term job. I don't mind too much, I get to see my kids everyday, I enjoy being home, I was able to experience this awesome NW hot summer; but I still have a lot of regret. I was handed my dream job, and literally the kind of experience that I dream about. It was amazing.

That being said, I love my current job. It's also a dream job, and I have a shit ton of control. The first zombie game I pitched was in 1997. I've always been a Dawn of the Dead fan, since middle school, and never felt like people made zombie games right. There's a level of gore, fun cheese, fear, and emptiness that most games today just can't pull off. Maybe they're afraid of it. I don't know. Weird time in my life, man. It's too good, my regrets are not taking a dream job because I'm currently in a dream job.

I think I've used this analogy before (maybe even on here) but it's like I'm fucking Salma Hayek, but thinking about fucking Sofia Vergara.

I guess what I'm getting at; you could lessen the blow if you put me on some preliminary work for Chappy.



PS-On a side note, Parents; tell your kids to be artists.


  1. That's kind of awesome and sucky at the same time, but hey you're not dead yet. Artist typically get more skilled with time, so maybe when you're ready to pursue your other dream, you can do it with even more awesome skill then you currently have. But stay put for now, I wanna play Class 3.

  2. It's all good Nobody! The post was more of a joke, to saound all sad and defeatist, and then ask for a job designing for Chappy. Somebody let slip on Facebook that I worked with them on a the above project, and the funny thing is, he had recently worked with Neill. I couldn't get him to let me see his designs though. That being said, this guy worked on Avatar and is a longtime friend of GDT's. Hint, fucking, hint.

    Dude, Class 3 is already a blast to play. I get lost in it for hours. I'm really proud of what we're making. We are the smallest team I've ever worked on, and we're making a game that major studios would kill to pull off. Fucking strike team, man. We're a fucking strike team.

    Hope all is good dude! Thanks for always checking the blog, you get a gold star. ;)

  3. So, any titles bouncing around for Class 3? I'm thinking "Please Play Me Neill Blomkamp!"