Thursday, August 18, 2011


Neill, how goes it homefry? Seems like you've sequestered yourself away to work on the flick. I'm guessing those shots of Damon from the other week were his attempted escape photo's. He was trying to get away so that he could tear off his shock harness and go on a wild coke and whore bender with his new best buddy Copley.

That's right. I hate that you had to hear it from me, but Matt and Copley are...bromancing. Like hardcore bromance. Sorry. Trust me, he'll come back, Sharlto knows that you and him belong together. He'll be back. Just hang in there, and don't blame him; I mean, have you seen Matt Damon? My God, those teeth are gorgeous.

Anyway, here's another image from my short I'm hoping to make. I'm planning on cardboard tubes with spray on foam as a base for the totems, and them hot wire carving them. Off course painting and throwing on moss as well. In all I'm hoping for four or five practical totems, and the rest will be in matte paintings. Next up, the longhouse, which will be a practical door and faked exterior. The interior will be the pain in the ass to make.

Hope all is good, have fun making the movie (that 'have fun making the movie' has to be read in Billy Crytal's voice from The Princess Bride)!


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