Thursday, August 4, 2011

Johnny Come Lately

Neill! Sup dood? Look, real art that's fresh and new! I'm making a few key frames for the short film I want to make. This might be a bit yellow and too magical, but as a stand lone piece I kind of like it. I'll probably mist it up and go darker and wetter with it later.

So, dude, I want to make sure you know; I was here first. Of course, now that you have a kick ass viral flick for Elysium, and Matt Damon (don't hit me) running around bald and badass looking (ps, "Well maybe you're a shitty cameraman", Ha ha ha, you are my hero. Don't hit me.), suddenly everyone wants to praise your genius. Like Glen Schaefer over at The Province. The whole story is here. Well, Glen decided to grab a bunch of people who probably only held you back, but now are all "Oh, I love Neill, he's soooo smart!" I mean look at these quotes:

“We loved watching him work because he was so quick and so inventive, and of course he was fun,” says Marianne O’Reilly

“Neill is a stand-out unique talent. Elysium is coming from him, he wasn’t handed a script,” she says.

O’Reilly says no-one who knew Blomkamp was surprised at the success of his first feature.

“He’s definitely kept me in the loop as to what’s happening with the new project the whole way through,” says Clarke. “A lot of it was just: ‘I’m still writing, I’m still writing.’ The guy is extremely focused.”
Hey kids, here's the bandwagon, feel free to jump on. I don't care if they knew you first, did they start any websites devoted only to you? Do they write you poetry about you? Do they teach classes on 'how to paint Neill Blomkamp the Neill Blomkamp way'? Do they have a lovely shrine for you that gets a weekly goat sacrificed to it for your continued success (should it be daily?)?

No. No. No. No. No. They didn't and Don't. All they did was talk to their buddy Glen and 'poof' suddenly they're your best friends who always knew you'd succeed.

So don't forget who did all that for you Neill. Don't forget. are things otherwise?


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  1. I jumped on 3rd or was it 13th Nm

    Nice art dude. Udl still workin ya hard then?

    Did matt Damon kick Ur arse?