Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Art Night!!!

You know Neill, sometimes it all comes together. Last night I was able to get 3 pieces done. Sure they're quick and fast, but dammit, they were fun. I'm finally letting go of my hang ups about using photo's. It's taken awhile, but good grief, you can make things quick.

I'm pretty sure you'll like at least one of these. One was a quick building...that needs more work in the background. Another is from a goofy book project that I wanted to make called redWolf (A bunch of Little Red Riding Hood images in various styles. It was going to be my White Album). Lastly is an image of a slum lord. The fancy pants live inside that big Buddha looking figure there. I might throw the some neon font up top that says 'PARKPLACE', and then everyone will think it's to Ridley Scott's new Monopoly movie.

Oh, hey, have you you ever watched the film Misery with Kathy Bates? It makes me think of you. DON'T MOVE THE FIGURINES! Ha ha, just fooling with ya'.

Serioulsy though, don't touch the fucking figurines.

Your buddy in arms;

Dougbot the Traptastic


  1. That Arcology is BOSS. Bekong boss. What?

  2. The red riding hood brought to mind a picture and concept I thought up, but in a much less talented sort of a way...
    http://images.quickblogcast.com/5/5/1/7/0/217424-207155/102609d.jpg?a=65 should you be interested...

  3. Is the middle one for sale? I'd love to purchase it. bill@funktion3.com