Friday, January 15, 2010

Mundane Robotics

Greetings Neillbot!

So where are you? Are you ok? Should I call missing persons? Maybe get DaVinci on the case? I'm just curious because there's still no Neill contact. I thought by now we'd be dying each others hair while watching lost episodes of Poochinski. It's a little disheartening. I think I'm a decent guy, filled with some great ideas ( Did you see the toys?). I could stand to lose a a little weight, maybe a few pounds, not much. Maybe a small child's worth; but other than that, fairly decent guy.

Well at any rate, here's some quick sketches of mundane robots. A robot dog, and a robot mouse.

Robot dog.

Robot mouse.

Hmmnnn...I'm starting to see why you haven't e-mailed yet.

Have a smashtastic day!

Doug the Slug

PS-OH SHIT! Did you know it's Kekai's birthday? It is. We gave him a nine hour lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. At least now we all know what hell is like.

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