Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crusher, but not of the Wesley variety.

Neill, what's up champ.

Not much here today. Had another playtest, so I had to wrap this up in less time than I was hoping. Lots of cheats. Basically threw color at it like a frat boy projectile vomiting on his birthday. BLARG! The good thing about flying through something is all the happy accidents.

I finally watched District 9 again. I know, you'd think the guy with the Neill Blomkamp blog would have watched it several times by now. It's hard Neill, my wife, not a sci-fi fan. I know she'd like it. Maybe you could convince her? We only have one TV (how un-American) and live in a fairly tiny house. Any way, fuck what a great film. I own it twice. I bought it on iTunes and received the BluRay for Christmas. It's that friggin' good. I love everything about it. Watching it again makes me want to scoop out your innards and curl up in your belly like a wee babe in utero. So come on down, I've got my pumpkin carving tools ready!


Your baby boy,


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  1. This is my favorite alien of yours! Such good work