Monday, January 25, 2010

Tower Block 55

Neill the real deal! How's it going chinchilla? Wait; chinchilla? Have I used that one? I think I did...uh, how's it hangin' vanilla gorilla? Hopefully everything is going peachy keen. I bet it's tough getting your ski's waxed for the Olympics and working on another film. Oh, just in case others didn't know, Neill's taking on the world at the Winter Games this year, representing the country of AWESOME. Good luck dude; with both endeavors!

I'm really having fun making these future slum painting/drawing/collages. Last night I was listening to the electronic band Danger. The song 88:88 (EAT Remix) in fact. That song sort of has a weird 80's sci-fi vibe. That's really where this image popped up from, it was a lot different in the beginning. I have a whole story that was born from these few images. It came to me this morning on my car ride into work. It's not bad actually.

I was going to work on an image of another missed marketing opportunity for District 9, but decided against it. It would be too much, too far--especially since my parents visit this blog. Let me just give you the name: The District 9 Incher. Oh yeah, for all the lady D9 fans.....and probably a few guy fans too.

So dude, when we going to beer it up?

Alright killa', have a good one;

Douglestein the First

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  1. I asked on your other blog because I am annoying, but if I could get a desktop size of that bugger, I'd put it as my desktop.
    Which is kind of like getting paid, or something?