Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Neill, dude, I made a new sketch for this blog. Not a found one; a brand new one. Minutes spent on it, but I sort of dig. I might finish it.

I like picturing these big dead necro-slave giants firing away a massive rail gun (it's like firing away a nuclear reactor core-the whole fucking thing-and a bunch of them) while smaller little elf soldiers march in below. Oh, yeah, this is a fantasy picture. What do you mean it doesn't look fantasy? Because it looks sci-fi? Well it sort of is. But it's rooted in fantasy ideas. Here's my deal with fantasy; fuck all the rules. It's fantasy.

I worked on a real cool fantasy game that breaks a lot of the rules, but I still remember the meeting where I showed concepts for dwarves that lived in trees. Like bad ass Ewoks. You would have thought I had said something along the lines of 'Episode II is the best Star Wars film evah' because the shit storm that followed was shocking. My lesson, dwarves live in the ground and mine gems. I said,"Like in Snow White?" which is also wrong. It's like in Tolkien and D&D. Rules, canon; fuck all dat'.

So these are giants, killed and re-purposed through magic and tech to be massive lumbering rotting heavy geared slaves. you could do some really fucking cool battle shots. The factory where they build them would be rad too. Lots of cables and a giant rotting corpse being painted up with ancient elfish symbols.

Anyway, hope shit is cool! I saw Die Antwoord announced that they finished filming on Chappie, so the movie should be out next week, right? Maybe two weeks. I know editing can be hard.

Stay in school!

Douglindor Granthunburgh Williamseth III

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