Friday, January 17, 2014


Neill, how shit be man? Busy here, but some exciting cool fun busy. I'm not sure if I can keep up my current pace, but I'll try. So here's a super quick summer piece! In the slums of the future! SLUMMERTIME!

All the kids love slummertime! It's when the united combine dumps it's yearly orga-waste from it's oppulent living towers. Ah the sweet smells of aristocratic waste, blending with the sweltering heat. Slummertime, it's their favorite time!


Doulglus McWillimses


  1. Cool stuff, Doug! I wasn't expecting to see so many posts, but I'm happy to see them.

  2. Thanks man! It's a New Years resolution. Update blog more, drink more whiskey and get fatter. I think they're all obtainable.

  3. I am also down with the amount of stuff coming out recently.