Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not a crone...

Quick sketch. I named it 'crone' then gave it a beard. So...it's a dude now...I guess. but that's how shit goes, right Neill? You got to be able to roll with it. Change shit up on the fly. Find new directions to make things work.

Oh, and I did some more work on your portrait, just a teensy bit. It's coming along, but I think my next traditional piece will be better. Weird how much you can forget.

Dude, so I'm dying to know more about Chappie. Is it still called Chappie? The cast has me excited AND perplexed. I keep thinking, "Sigourney Weaver is in a movie with Die Antwoord." Dude, that could be the tagline for the movie. That shit is ballz crazy. Anyways, can't wait!

Douglas Weaver

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