Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skids on the squid.

Dude, another quick one. Wild times. Old sketch I found. Not sure why I abandoned this one. It seems like one I would have finished.

Skinny long limbs; check.

Bumpy detailed skin; check.

Squidish alien body; check.

Anatomy hidden in tendrils; check.

Not sure what happened. Maybe I'll start on it again. AHHAHAHHAH, no not really. Goodbye squid dude, you coulda' been great.

Doug 'never finishes anything lately' Williams


  1. Doug 'never finishes anything lately except in the bedroom, where he tragically always finishes everything early' Williams.

    1. Hey, I apologized, and I thought we agreed not to tell people about our relationship!

      Does Neill know?