Monday, January 13, 2014

We all want to be Bladerunner

Neill. Sup dood. So here's a quick piece I did for a corporate job. It was a backdrop on a big projected screen. Refinery sunsets are sort of my go to for quick art. they look way detail, but can be done in minutes. I had like eight of these to do in a short time, which is why my children eat. I'm not the best, but I am fast. That applies to...many things.

Plus, I've been drawing refineries since I was a kid. I saw Bladerunner way before I probably should have. It's stuck with me ever since. That opening, with the eye. Fuck. That was the best beginning ever. The soft atmospheric music, punctuated with booms. It was like saying, "Hey fucker, this shit is going to be important. Watch it."

Anyway, so shit dude. Chappie, I can not fucking wait for. I re-watched Elysium again the other day. I'm constantly noticing new little details. I love that flick, and it gets me all juiced up for Chappie. I love that Hugh Jackman is based on me. We have the same physic and hair; and award winning smile.



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