Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Something I suck at: Likenesses

So...I started. Man, I suck at likenesses. So...don't be offended if it looks nothing like you. Because it won't. I went with Nobody's suggestion and went for the middle right thumbnail.

I think this shit will end up being cool, but it won't really look like you. More like if someone glanced at you and then gave a verbal description to a chimpanzee with a pencil. A gestalt of you, a faded memory; trapped in time.

My New Years resolutions is to exercise more and do more art. Personal fun art, and more traditional shit. Pens and pencils. Maybe some paint.  Also to update my blogs a bit more, and start a Tumblr. Because all the cool kids do Tumblr.

More tomorrow, hopefully.

Rusty Doug

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