Sunday, September 27, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Neill, sup dog? Wild times, am I right? Well, here too. Work's been really fun, but really demanding. I wish I could show some of what I'm working on. I'm sure I'd hear from you almost immediately. I understand though, slow blog, lots of old posts, and far too many bloby floaty things. I totally get it.

I did start something tonight, but ran out of time. Aw what the heck, I'll show it anyways. It's not amazing, but I liked where some of it was going. I threw it at the top. Now here's some older stuff that's a little more 'artsy'.

Here's one more old thing. I don't know, maybe you're into comics, maybe not. If not, well, think of them as storyboards. I know zombies have been completely overdone, but God bless em', I still think they're great. VIVA ROMERO!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Your pal;


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