Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For reals?

I have been alerted to a new blog follower this morning. Could this be you Neill? Is it my brother pulling the ultimate prank? A friend, or co-worker finally getting the best of me? If it's you Neill, I swear I wasn't blowing you off. I had been camping all weekend. Here's some images of my dirty kids to prove it. That's not normal kid dirty Neill, that's car camping in the woods kid dirty.

Part of me thinks you are really you. Another part of me thinks that's preposterous. I mean, I would think you'd be lounging by your pool, women surrounding you as you smoked cigars that had been rolled in the labia of foreign super models. Of course you'd be spewing brilliance as you lounged, and all around you would be enlightened with Blomkampian wisdom. Then again, your knowledge of Canadian fast food gives me pause. I grew up in a small town across from Victoria B.C., and grew up watching Canadian television. Oh those rascally Raccoons, why does Bert always screw things up. We even had our own A&W. You really have the menu's down. That's info that you can't easily acquire here in the states. Unless you have a computer.

So I'm really at a loss here.

I suppose whether it's you or not, you like more art! So here's some work...from work!

That last one got into a publication called Spectrum. It was a quicky that surprised me how well received it was. Looking forward to lunch!

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