Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tube steak

Neill, sup homey?

Here's a lil' alien I made on my lunch break. Sort of a half assed bg, but I only gots me an hour to play and post! These guys have a lot of human features as to not freak out audiences (two arms and two legs), but are still pretty alien. They tap and move those tubes to sing and communicate. I was thinking they'd be cool in a Zulu-esque movie. Imagine this scene, but with aliens tapping and whirling their tubes around. Pretty fucking cool. I left all the marking off this one, maybe I'll revisit it if you want at a later date. Really up to you.

I love your blog, but am still having a hard time believing that you are you. maybe you could send a photo of yourself holding up my name or something. Looking forward to lunch. Hey even though you're probably the big high roller now, I buy the food. let me know when you want to get some grub and talk shop.

I also give a mean foot rub. Just ask my wife.

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